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Yummy Dirt!

Trinity Hansen

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Welcome back to Treat to Eat! Spring has recently started. Warm weather, flowers, and of course Spring Break! One recipe that reminds me of spring is dirt cake. The first time I made this recipe was with my grandma. It is easy and fun! And most important, it tastes delicious. This recipe is also very flexible and can work with what you have.This recipe uses chocolate pudding and has crushed up chocolate cookies to give it a fantastic crunch. To give it a spring vibe, you can add gummy worms to make it look as though it is dirt. Here is the recipe:



  • Your favorite chocolate pudding
  • Your favorite chocolate cookie(thin mints, oreo cookie without the cream)
  • Gummy worms of your choice

Yes, there are very little ingredients needed, like I mentioned, the recipe is very flexible.



  1. Crush up your cookies to look like dirt
  2. Layer the cookies and pudding in serving dish. Starting with the pudding and end with the cookies.
  3. Then to make it look like dirt with worms, make sure on the top layer, to cover it with the cookies so that no pudding can be seen. Then place gummy worms on top of the dirt.



If you want to make your dish look even cooler, as your serving dish, use a CLEAN flower pot. I recommend an unused one. You can also buy fake flowers to put into the dish to look as though flowers were growing out of the dirt.


Stay tuned till next time. Thanks for reading! Comment if you try any of the recipes!


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